UNESCO E-library of Park Škocjan Caves and The Karst Biosphere Reserve

Škocjan Caves were inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List on November 27th 1986. In 1996 Regional Škocjan Caves Park was established by special law on Škocjan Caves Park. In 1997 The Public Service Agency Škocjan Caves Park was appointed to perform its mission for nature protection, interpretation of natural and cultural heritage and protection of values for future generations. 

The underground canyon of the Reka River was designated in 1999 as wetlands of international importance at Ramsar convention.

On October 2004, at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, Škocjan Caves Park became part of world network of biosphere reserves under the MAB programme as The Karst Biosphere Reserve.

Škocjan Caves Parka, Slovenia is trying  to establish the monitoring programe that will encompass all attributes of outstanding universal values, sustainable development and could present useful tools for management of protected areas.

Sites with international designations are distinguished by proper management, where monitoring play important role. It is crucial for protection of natural values and cultural heritage beside quality development programms that support protection of outstanding universal values and encourage quality performance of sustainable development, biodiversity conservation and strengthening the values of solidarity, respect and gaining knowledge for rise in quality of life.

We would like to share our experience and knowledge in the field of management, education, public awareness, monitoring of natural and cultural heritage. In library you could find useful information and share your work at different projects your site was engaged in.  

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