UNESCO E-library of Park Škocjan Caves and The Karst Biosphere Reserve

The Škocjan Caves Park, Slovenia, is trying to establish a monitoring programme for the World Heritage Site (WHS) that would encompass all the attributes referring to outstanding universal value and sustainable development and represent an efficient tool for the management of protected areas.

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Monitoring of Unesco World Heritage Sites
UNESCO World Heritage Sites are distinguished by appropriate management where monitoring plays an important role. A monitoring programme is an efficient tool for the protection of natural values and cultural heritage along with quality development programmes that support the protection of outstanding universal values.

Within this project we will try to reach the following goals:
- Facilitate the periodic reporting process.
- Contribution to the management plan of WH Sites.
- All the sites included in the project have monitoring systems established and functioning.
- Managers are trained for performing proper monitoring and ready to train the local community and colleagues from other sites.
- Reinforcement of network of WH Sites at a sub regional level.

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